Why Translation For Tourism Is So Important

July 1, 2022

The Importance of Multilingual Content

As the summer season kicks off, tourists are starting to pack their bags for their holiday’s. While Failte Ireland has recently indicated that the domestic market is still supporting many tourism businesses to date, we can’t forget about the international tourists and how their needs have changed post-Covid-19.

Tourism professionals and businesses that benefit from tourists need to communicate effectively, in several languages, to serve these international tourists, more so now than ever before.

Translation is one of the most simple and effective ways to reach international tourists. If tourists can find you, learn what you have to offer, and have a great onsite experience, they’re more likely to return and share with others.

Offering onsite translation is a small way to set yourself apart and can yield big rewards.

In the tourism sector, translation is a basic need, and the companies that operate in this area know that only too well. Whether they’re hotels, tourism bodies, attractions or museums, these companies want to reach the highest possible number of people, in as many countries as they can.

The tourism sector has been one of the fastest (and best) at adapting to digitalisation. Right now, three out of four people book their holidays online rather than going to a traditional travel agency.

The strong entrance of the tourism sector into the digital world has obliged the companies involved to translate all kinds of content. The internet has no barriers, and the number of potential clients has grown exponentially (and they speak lots of different languages!). Your business needs to get in on the act now.

Here are a few simple ways that translation can help the travel & tourism industry.

Tourism Translation

Help Visitors Find You

First and most importantly, reaching clients in their own language will help them to find you!

Because tourists increasingly use the web to plan their trips, it’s helpful to have a website in multiple languages. Search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing rank the websites that appear on the first page of a search according to relevance.

So, you can make sure visitors find you by including a page on your website in the language of your tourists.

Make Your Materials User-Friendly

Once a visitor finds you, help them to learn about your services.

Whether you are a visitor attraction, museum, or restaurant, translating marketing materials can help attract tourists. They are more likely to come if they can access the information they need!

Naturally, tourist guides onsite are one of the more obvious needs in translation for tourism. However, many visitors are searching before you ever get to meet them face to face. As an operator, you need to think about the entire visitor journey.

Increasingly, visitors are looking for more in-destination and on-site information.

Our team at Great Visitor Experiences can not only help you craft your story, but we can transcribe these stories along with audio and video content into a range of languages that are suitable to your identified demographic.

We enable your visitors to scan a simple QR code to access key points of interest that are unique to your business. Interpretation is a hugely important element to your visitor experience.  

Final Thoughts

Rather than change up how you advertise or market your tourist attraction, you’ll be better off changing your view of your audience.

Appealing to an international market is a great way to reinvigorate your business and public interest. You can’t do an effective job of attracting international visitors without truly understanding the benefit of doing so.

The goal is to paint your company in the most positive light and show just what it is that you have to offer your target audience.

Invest in your business and attract tourists by using our Great Visitor Experiences App to better serve the growing tourist market. We are here to help you.

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