What are the benefits to on-line ticketing for an attraction, museum or activity provider?

June 23, 2021
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Here are just 5 reasons as to why you should consider an online booking platform:

1. 24/7 ticketing
In simple terms, it enables your business to sell tickets all of the time. Inbound visitors who want to finalise their itinerary plans may want to book tickets for their preferred days. By booking tickets in advance, the visitor is secure in knowing where they are going and they can start planning their trip with you in mind. It also allows you, the business to organise your staffing rotas in advance as you know the number of potential visitors that are due on site. Typically, in Ireland the weather can change quickly and if you are an outdoor business, poor weather may directly lead to a lack of revenue for that day. With on-line sales secured in advance, you have a greater level of comfort knowing that business levels will remain constant. Bookings can also occur outside of normal office hours and help you to reduce the number of staff having to answer phone calls.

2. Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
Being able to quickly change ticket prices has always been difficult within the visitor attraction and museum sector. With on-line ticketing, it allows you the power to change pricing based on the day of the week, the time of day or even down to local business demand on the day.

“Waking up to discover that a large tour group has cancelled for the afternoon, no problem, quickly log into your on-line web portal, adjust your pricing and immediately you can sell to an active audience looking for somewhere to visit”.

This type of instant response to an unforeseen situation can only be achieved through on-line ticketing.

3. Easy to begin
Getting set up and trading on-line is now easier than every before. Modern booking platforms have taken a lot of the difficultly away and they allow you to build your inventory along with your unique discounts. With the likes of Great Visitor Experiences and their digital platform, you can be up and running within hours and avail of their many bespoke discount channels such as advance purchase, time slots discount management or key promotional event days, for example Father’s Day. Link these promotions to your social media channels and start selling more tickets.

4. Get connected to global marketing platforms
Not only can you trade on-line and sell tickets to your own local and domestic audience, but you can also connect to global marketing online travel agents (OTA) platforms such as TripAdvisor, Get your Guide and Viator. By having an on-line booking platform with your own ticket inventory, you can open your availability to these marketing giants at the click of a button. If you don’t like paying the high percentage commission rates on a regular basis, think of it as a guaranteed sale and open the channels according to your needs and close out the periods that you know you can fill yourself. Ticket software companies like Great Visitor Experiences can allow you to dip in and out of these distribution channels when you decide and you have the power to turn off or on availability.

5. Secure Payments
Payment security is always an issue when it comes to selling tickets. Opting for an online platform specialised in selling tickets will make it easier for you. Such platforms such as Great Visitor Experiences offer added measures of security and are compliant with the latest laws and regulations. For smaller businesses, we know that no-shows can cause a lot of frustration for the owner as it means you can’t resell the slot. Time is money. By adopting an on-line booking platform, you will completely eliminate this issue. By having tickets sold in advance, you have greater security for future cashflow depending on your cancellation policy.

Interested to learn more about Great Visitor Experiences and their ticketing platform, contact Hello@GreatVE.com.

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