Using Technology to Tell Stories and Enrich your Visitor Experiences

June 8, 2022

Smart Tourist Attractions

We often hear that tourists want a break from technology, especially from their smartphones while they are on holidays. However, interactive information and immersive technologies can vastly improve visitor experiences and provide businesses with the right tools to shape and control their stories. 

Increasingly, tourists are using their mobile devices to check the weather, to find out how to get to your site, using the built in camera to take photos and videos to share with their family and friends. The smartphone is now a tool not to ignore but to capitalise on its existence and use it to your advantage.

The key is to deploy the right applications to help visitors become active participants in the destination and immerse themselves in the stories and culture around them.

We at Great Visitor Experiences view technology as a toolbox for telling stories in the visitor’s native language, offer a journey with a start, middle & end, and really make the setting for a memorable experience. We also have a suite of features that assist the business in learning more about their visitors and to help them target these visitors onsite.

Tell your story
Great Visitor Experiences App

Great Visitor Experiences App

Interactive fixed displays, audio guides, and onsite signage are proven assets, but smartphones offer even more opportunities that can be far cheaper and easier to implement. The tech in your visitors’ pockets travels with them, and using it is already second nature.

Simply link visitors to your site with location triggers and QR codes and point them to different paths, key points of interest, and the must-see elements of your attraction or museum.

Once you are set up, you can add new content and offer new information in real-time to your visitors. With smartphones, our visitor app can support and craft the experience with interactive maps, a mix of immersive media content with personalised recommendations and exclusive offers based on the visitor’s persona.

Sharable moments

A New Booking Experience

We all want interesting journeys that produce interesting stories but often businesses just do not know where to start.

People already share their stories without your help. They take photos and videos and upload them to social media. But smart tech and our application can provide them with the means to enhance their stories with auto-generated videos, geo-tagged maps, social media tags and badges. We can create those sharable moments digitally for you.

Today, guests arrive with these technologies already in their pockets. Smartphones through our Great Visitor Experiences App can deliver content that provides visitors with more information to enjoy their settings to the fullest. In essence, you are telling the story beyond what they can see on site and bring the visitor back in time at their pace and allow them to engage content that is most relevant to them.

Content turns these settings into a stage where the business can enable the visitor to really understand the experience whilst also slowing down their journey. By visitors staying longer in-destination, you create more opportunities for them to buy more.

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