Killarney House & Gardens Case Study

November 9, 2020
Case Study

Killarney House & Gardens have three specific areas they wish to improve on with the Great Visitor Experiences solution; the development of multilingual content, ways to source customer feedback and proactive facilitation of local promotion.

They attract a huge international audience from all around the world who have poor or limited English. Currently all of their content is available in 2 main languages (English & Irish). Translating into 10 major languages would be a huge competitive advantage and will ensure they offer a best in class experience. 

They also do not have in place the right process or technology to seek customer feedback or to communicate with visitors directly. The promotion of other local activities and attractions is also an issue.

"A digital customer engagement tool is paramount post Covid-19. Great Visitor Experiences provides our visitors with a premium low touch experience with multilingual content whilst collecting real visitor feedback and promoting other local activities & attractions." 

Pat Dawson, General Manager of Killarney House and Gardens

Great Visitor Experiences helped to craft a visitor journey across over 17 key points of interest (Hotspots) and transcribed their content in the 10 international languages that aligned with the profile of current visitor nationalities coming into Ireland.

Our exit surveys will collate the customer feedback and communicate it back to the attraction manager by way of a management dashboard with key graphs.

The technology will also highlight all the things to see and do based on the visitor’s location, so we can effectively showcase all the unique and interesting activities & attractions that were previously not visible to them.

The main outcomes of this project will be;

  1. On-site visitors at Killarney House & Gardens will be immediately engaged and understand the story & history of the attraction
  2. The inclusion of content in multiple languages will attract additional visitors and reduces the need for providing guides to cater for house tours
  3. Push notifications will provide a direct line of communication with on-site visitors 
  4. Data collected from exit surveys will inform future decision making and identify any key improvement areas for customer experience
  5. Killarney House & Gardens will be at the centre of the visitor experience whilst cross promoting local businesses
  6. Visitors will be informed around the role of the National Parks & Wildlife 

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Killarney House