Foynes Flying Boat Museum Case Study

November 4, 2020
Case Study

Prior to using the Great Visitor Experiences solution, Foynes Flying Boat Museum were unable to communicate their offering effectively to visitors. For example, the fact they had more than a flying boat on offer within the museum. They were also unable to present additional stories beyond what a visitor can see on their site and could not reach in-destination visitors actively looking for attractions in near by locations.

“Not only will Great Visitor Experiences help us enhance our visitor offering, it will increase the average spend per visitor. The data that the platform will generate will allow us to make better business decisions.”

Margaret O’Shaughnessy Managing Director Foynes Flying Boat Museum

The Great Visitor Experiences solution mapped all areas of their visitor journey whilst highlighting key points of interest. The app also populated and presented lots of additional content that wasn't previously available on their website, to tell a better story around the attraction; from old pictures, audio files, videos and text. Push notifications are also been sent to in-destination visitors with things to do and see at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum on a regular basis as well as any relevant, personalised offers.

Since using the solution, Foynes Flying Boat Museum are constantly enhancing their visitor offering, increasing the average spend per visitor and building visitor data that will help the team make more informed business decisions.  

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