Blog - Six key technology tools that can assist every experience led business in a post Covid world

January 18, 2021
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The Coronavirus has had a major impact on the world and tourism industries have been the hardest hit than any other sector. Whilst recovery is high on everyones agenda, the tourism industry needs to prepare for a new normal and build the right strategies and tools that will ensure it continues to deliver memorable and safe travel experiences. 

Consumers will also have more expectations from experience providers, such as;

  • Safe distancing measures will be important for gaining customers’ trust
  • Implementing strict hygiene regulations will be vital
  • Communication of health & safety measures will be necessary to give customers a sense of security when visiting museums and attractions
  • Free cancellation will be even more important to customers.

“Aggregated tourism earnings forecasted to be down by 75% in 2020”

Here are six key tools that can assist every experience led business in a post Covid world;

  1. Low touch, mobile visitor experience: digitizing all customer touch points means no handing out of maps, human touching of info screens  or sharing of audio guide headphones.

  2. Mobile push notifications: keeps on-site visitors up to date at all times regarding crowd management and Covid-19 social distancing messages.

  3. Real time offers & e-commerce: retail sales can be protected by presenting offers to different market segments and directs customers to an e-shop instead of the physical shop itself. 

  4. Online destination marketing: negates the need for visitors to visit tourist information offices.

  5. Pre online booking: provides reassurance for visitors that there is control over onsite visitor numbers  and allows for sharing of visitor guidelines in advance of arrival

  6. Contactless payments: reduces hand to hand contact, enabling social distancing guidelines

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