Blog - How ready is your tourism business for Summer 2021?

March 22, 2021

As we look to the weeks and months ahead, there are anxious times for our tourism partners.

Many attraction owners and museum curators have questions that largely remain unanswered such as when can we open, how many visitors can I accommodate at one time, where will my visitors come from and what can I do right now. Over the past number of weeks, our team at Great Visitor Experiences have fielded many calls from new customers and prospects enquiring about how they can utilise our products to reopen safely and grow their business. We have complied the top 5 questions that we have been asked and would like to share with you along with some simple solutions. 

"My customer profile has changed. I am looking to re-imagine my visitor offering altogether. This is something that I should have done before now. Covid-19 is forcing me into this change but I think that my business will benefit from the actions that I am taking, not just this season, but for the seasons ahead" (Source: Attraction owner).

1. How can I accurately capture contract tracing information from my customers? 

We recommend that you ask your visitors to book tickets in advance or to register their details through an App or on-line. This will ensure that you are capturing everyone's contact information that comes to your site in a safe manner. It will also remove the need for additional paper products and having large number of visitors filling out forms on arrival. By capturing these contacts digitally, you can manage this information in a confidential and complaint way. You will have the key information required for visitors should you need to contact them. 

2. How can I deliver a low touch safe visitor experience for my customers and staff? 

One of the first things is to consider removing all paper materials, removing shared audio guides and the use in some cases of interactive on-site touch screens. In some circumstances, face to face guided tours are also not permitted. Our recommendation is that you look at developing an experiential visitor app. This is not just a Covid-19 measure but could greatly benefit your business in the seasons ahead. 

3. How can I manage on-site visitor numbers? 

It can be very difficult to manage your daily visitor flow by allowing a large number of visitors to arrive on the day without pre-booking. Often you may have too many visitors at a particular time and very little at other times during the day. This in itself brings about many operational challenges. Our recommendation is that you consider on-line bookings with time management software. This will also allow you to allocate a certain amount of tickets to each timeslot. Not only will you manage your daily operations better but you will also be able to manage your staffing arrangements and to offer an improved on-site visitor experience.  

4. What is an effective way to reach new domestic customers? 

One of the things we can often assume is that we know where we are going and what to do while on holidays. While this may be true for some, in many cases we know very little on the great visitor experiences that are not only within our 5km but in our neighbouring counties as well. We recommend that you review your "google my business" profile, your on-line social presence, your listing on the local county guide and join the All Ireland Destination Guide that is provided by Great Visitor Experiences.  

5. How can I improve my overall visitor experience? 

The customer journey has always been important however many businesses don't review their offering on a very regular basis. Customer needs change and your business should grow with them and also target new customers. Covid-19 has certainly changed how retail businesses interact with their customers but what about attractions and museums. Without doubt, visitor habits have changed and the tourism sector has been a laggard in terms of digitalisation. Our recommendation is that you should start looking at your customer demographics and how these visitors want to engage with you. From our experience, many visitors want it all, such as a warm friendly welcome, a well crafted on-site journey, excellent stories on demand, interaction with knowledgeable guides and something that they can share with family and friends.

To find out more about how the Great Visitor Experiences solutions could help you capitalise on more opportunities with in-destination visitors, contact us here