Quin Abbey


Considered one of the most well-preserved Franciscan abbeys in Ireland, Quin Abbey showcases a majestic cloister and medieval High Altar, adjacent to which is a 17th century stucco work depicting the Crucifixion. The Chapter room, refectory, kitchen, garderobe, dormitories and tower - all standing as they have for centuries. To this day, the church and cloister still retain a peaceful and prayerful atmosphere. This Abbey built between 1402 and 1433 by the MacNamaras for the Franciscan Order of Friars is unusual, as it was constructed upon the ruins of an earlier 13th century Norman castle owned by the Norman Richard de Clare. It was destroyed by the MacNamaras in 1318 and in 1541 it was confiscated by King Henry V111 and passed to Conor O’ Brien Earl of Thomond. But, the MacNamaras regained control in 1590 and it became a college for semenarians from all over Europe. In the 1650’s Cromwell’s forces attacked and murdered the monks, but the resilient friars returned and restored the abbey in 1670. until Friar John Hogan, the last friar, died in 1820.

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