Lough Ree Distillery


The idea of starting a distillery has been a topic of dinner table conversation among the Clancy family for some time. As plans came together we thought long and hard about where to locate the new venture. While we are passionate about Lanesborough, where we grew up, we are all too practically minded to make the decision on purely sentimental grounds. Then the penny dropped. Lough Ree Distillery is all about connection: connecting Whiskey tradition with modern technology. Connecting the gentle pace of rural Ireland with the confidence of a new generation. So it was more than our own roots that decided it for us. It was the bridge connecting East and West, the roads and river that connect Lanesborough to the rest of the region. Then, after securing the ideal premises we found out that our great grand uncle was resident there at the time of the 1901 Census. A sign if ever there was one!

Opening times

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At the end of July 2018 we opened our Micro Distillery across from the site of our main facility. Our bespoke copper pot still , has a capacity of 150 litres and is currently used to distil the following products :

  • Our Multi Award winning Sling Shot Distilled Irish Gin – winner of 8 major international awards in 2019
  • Zesty Citrus Vodka – winner of Best Irish Vodka at the Irish Whiskey Awards October 2019

We call our still ” Maeve ” in keeping with the industry tradition of using a ladies name, but also as a nod to Queen Maeve and her travails around Lough Ree , which inspired Sling Shot , our first product.

Contact details

  • Main Street
  • Lanesborough
  • Lanesborough
  • Ireland
  • N39P229